Help, 4x Imation shows up as 2x only



Office max 4x

Shows up as 2x with my 2510A 2.06 Herrir firmware. Should I take them back for a refund? 25 for $15 is a bargain to get locally at 4x but not at 2x.

Media Information
Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID RITEKG03
Format Capacity Not Formatted
Free Blocks 412352512
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.71GB)
Book Type DVD-R
Media Type DVD-R
Media Id Code Speed 1.0x 1385KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.0x 2770KBps
Write Strategy Speed 1.0x 1385KBps
Data area starting sector 30000h
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1


I put on Herrie’s 107v2b5 firmware and now I can select 2-8x for these Imation (RitekG03) dvd-rs.

When burning with Nero, if I burn at 6x 4.6 gigs it takes about 11 minutes. If I burn at 8x it takes about 10 minutes, but there must be some kind of problem. The status bar will go real fast for a while and then will go so slow. The time will goall the way to zero but there is still a few minutes left before its done burning.

Should I be using some other program to do 8x burning with these discs?

  1. Anyway G03 is not a 4x rated media. I think you have every reason to complain.

  2. Upgrade to the newest Nero, it is always recommended whether it solves the problem or not.

  3. I suspect that 4x->6x or 6x->8x jump was not successful. (8x burn should be 9min 30 ± 10sec) There are registry hacks that lets Nero to show the real burning speed.
    An easier way is to use CopytoDVD, it always show the real burning speed. If it doesn’t reach 8x, that means the drive do not want to burn the disc at 8x. (Usually due to the poor quality of the disc.)

  4. Even if 8x burn works, be careful. It is highly recommended to test the burned media with a few different method. Use such an abrupt overspeed burning (G03 at 8x) only when you’re sure the quality is good enough for your purpose.


I wasnt complaining, just wondering if I was doing something wrong. Im happy with getting smooth 6x burns from these discs if thats the best they will do. I bought 4 packs of 25 at $15 each. Thats not a bad price to burn at 6x i dont think.

I will check for a newer nero than, I will also definitly try the program you sugguest to see what speed its really burning at. I suspect that its dropping from 8 and burning at 6x.

What do you mean by “Use such an abrupt overspeed burning (G03 at 8x) only when you’re sure the quality is good enough for your purpose.”?
The discs I have burned at 6x work in my xbox and my dvd drive and the ones at 8x seem to work the same.


G03 is designed for 1x burning. Even 4x burning is not guaranteed to work.
Of course a good burner like 2500A can burn it at 4x, 6x and even at 8x(quite aggressive. 1x media at 8x burning.). But it is something to worry and need double check if it truely works. People report that there are many G04(4x rated) or even G05(8x rated) discs that doesn’t work well at 8x and should be burned at 4x.

Anyway it seems that the disc works fine it in a few drives and players. Maybe your G03 is good enough for 6x burning. Observing nero CDSpeed curve and Kprobing(probably you don’t have the right drive for this) is a common way to test a disc.