Help - 48125W cant read CD-R

Help! - My Liteone 48125W model drive cant read my TDK CD-R disc, But my sisters (12x) drive can. Windows thinks theres no CD in the drive. Its a TDK 48x. Tho the disk works with my sisters computer, I have the latest firmware and nero. Some reason it can detect normal discs and old CD-RW/R’s. Is my drive defective?

Have you cleaned the drive? That would be the first step…I do not think your drive is defective, if it will read some and not others.

how do i clean it

First try out a cleaning cd that has brushes on it. Then if that doesn’t help, open up the drive and carefully clean the laser lense with a q-tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol on it. Of course, opening your drive voids the warranty.

cleaning didint work :frowning:



Can you read other disks, or is it one specific TDK disk? Have you flashed to the latest bios?

Sometimes the alignment can be slightly off, causing one disk to be invisible to one drive, but readable on another.