HELP! 411s@811s problem!

Hi guys,
I’ve just update 411s@811s and I’ve do backup of flash and eeprom of my 411’s. I’ve restarted windows, but now the light of Liteon Recoder is orange and is blanking. It doesn’t stop! I’ve tryed to restore my 411s with 411’s backup, but can’t write it! What I’ve to do? Please, help me! :bow:

How did you do the update? You can’t just flash your drive with the 811S firmware, as the drives hardware signature will be wrong and also, your drive will not have any 8x +R laser calibration data.

Use the firmware on my site under the 411S heading to reflash your drive to a 411S. Don’t worry about the EEPROM, it won’t have changed. Then go to this site, to learn how to properly convert your drive to an 811S.

I can’t do it, because now I haven’t 411s, but 811s! If I use 411s firmware , there is an error because doesn’t find the 411s! :frowning:

I’ve do the 411s@811s procedure with LTNFlash, but before do it, I’ve backup both flash and eeprom. Can I do? :frowning:

WOW! I’ve do successfull it! I’ve use DOS App MTKFlash to write firmware of 411s, with this command
MTKFLASH <number> W /M <firmware file>

Now I’ve my 411s :)))
But is there a way to have the 411s without problems? Tnx

It does not matter if it is an 811S, if you use the 411S firmware on my site. Use this flasher file. It has been flashfixed to allow crossflashing/reverse flashing. :wink:

Edit: You need to use the ZMOD V4. See the link in my earlier post.

If your having trouble finding the Z-mod V4.0, see this section in the Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection 4.01.