Help! 3540A Recognized As NEB_DVD^RV ND 3440A

Well, came home from work and received my new drive, figured it would a simple install but its a royal PITA atm. I cannot for the life of me get XP to recognize the 3540A as the 3540A. I switched it to master and slave, same results. Checked the drive and it was labeled the 3540A. I can’t really update the driver since there are no drivers. I tried to update the firmware but it does not recognize any drives, not even my “NEB” :doh: What is the problem? Any questions, ask away.

Bad Cable, Connector or Controller. The last thing you want to do is try and flash a drive in this condition.

Brother Vlad

Every other drive installed has been perfect. Any drivers I should update, SP2?

VIA, Nvidia, and one other set of IDE drivers have caused problems in other drives. If you are running any of these you should switch to the MS drivers. Can’t give you more info because that is all I have ever used, but others might be able.

Well, since I was running MS IDE drivers and it was failing, I installed the nVidia drivers and all my drives are recognized better than before. No more S@msung and “NEB” drives.