Help 321 Studios to change the law - fair use for everyone

I just posted the article Help 321 Studios to change the law - fair use for everyone.

Most of the daily CD Freaks vistors know that the current laws in the United States become more and more strict when it comes to fair use of CDs and DVD media. Also Europe is planning to introduce…

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Where were all of you when the DMCA was created? The whole point of it was to make it illegal for a company to develop software to counter the effects of copy protection formats. That makes not only DVDxCopy, but CloneCD, Alcohol, and many more software applications in violation of the DMCA.

Both the DMCA and the copyright law need to be changed. The DMCA should be banned all together. The copyright law should be changed to make it legal to copy and trade copyrighted works for free, but make it only illegal to copy something if you sell it for a profit. Free copying should be completely legal. Someone who copies something and gives it to a friend is just a normal everyday person and don’t deserved to be considered a pirate.

Arrrrr matey! :8

To Wolverine18: a person that copies something and gives it to a friend is INDEED a pirate. By your statement any individual that places software on the Internet and allows everyone to download it for free could also say that “Everyone is my friend”. Trading of copyrighted material with someone that doesn’t own an original copy is pirating. Plain and simple.

I think 321 Studios should be paying us $99 for our say!! common if they can phucking charge us for this software!! they should be giving us something to save their arses…

Listen its not about saving THEIR ASSES its about saving OUR RIGHTS.All these people are trying to do is take away all our rights and leave us with nothing.You people better realize this and help out in any way you can before its too late.We need everybody to join together and fight these money hungry studios.

Ok Ok…I’m being very negative here but…unless there is some palm greasin’ here there won’t be nuthin happnin fast in american politics…:7

So sad that good causes (fair use) are used to disguise commercial benefits (321 Software) :r

If I own a , DVD I should be able to make a backup copy for my own personal use. My grandkids have already ruined 3-4 originals.I want to protect my investment

Not only people in the US need to be concerned about the DMCA, but everyone in the world. The US government believes they’re so fucking good they can make the rules for people outside their own country (as was the case with Russia) CloneCD shouldn’t be illegal under the DMCA considering the creators of CloneCD are German, and aren’t covered by the DMCA, right?

Yes,I also have had discs ruined by children and the closing mechanism of various devices and I am fed up of having to replace. The discs are expensive and easy to damage.

If they object to me making a backup then they should provide a backup disc at no expence other than postage.

flake: Those companies must follow the rules of the DMCA if they sell their products in the United States.