Help! 3 DVD Recorder questions

hi guys,

im looking to get a dvd/hdd recorder but havent decided on one yet. i have a few general questions which i hope you might be able to help with so that i can make my decision. Sorry im a bit of a nb so plase let me know if i need to be more specific.

  1. Is it possible to remove a hdd & replace it with a larger one?

  2. How do you connect dvd recorders to PCs to transfer files? I want to use my dvd recorder as an mp3 player as well so how can i get all my mp3s on the hdd without burning 20 dvd disks?! - i thought i might be able to use dv-input as this is a firewire connection? but not sure if this is the case.

  3. are there any recorders that can record in dvix or vcd format?

Thanks in advance

  1. Yes, they all use standard IDE drives to take advantage of cheap computer HDs. Don’t know if they all use standard FAT32 formatting though.

  2. Firewire networking through the DV input not possible - command set isn’t implemented. I guess if you’re going to swap the hard drive and you need to figure out the correct format anyway, may as well pre-load it with your MP3s. :slight_smile:

  3. VCD yes, for the few DVD recorders that can also record to CD. DivX no, not enough processing power to record DivX in real time yet.

Most DVD recorders with HDD do not have a standard filing system format, although IIRC there are some people who have successfully upgraded the HDD in LG machines.

Bear in mind that it could be an addressing-space limitation, rather than a particular ‘format’, which prevents a successful upgrade.

It’s probably not what you are thinking of, but the Archos AV500/700 series of portable recorders are HDD-based, FAT32 format, and record to MPEG4 (contained as .avi). There’s a 100GB model, and stores/plays .mp3 etc. All direct file transfers via USB-2…