Help ,,, 2GHZ Celeron CPU PINS Problem

hi …

i have my 2 GHZ Celeron Processor . with 478 pins

when i was installing the CPU , I breake down two pins at the edge !

after that the copmuter wouldnt be RUN .

is there solution for this problem , or i have to looose my Processor

Waiting for help .

Sounds bad … which two .? I think the edge pins are power-related so hence I think ur processor is fubar.

If the pins are just bent, i’ve read that you can straighten them using a mechanical pencil. If they’re broke i think your cpu is toast.

If they’re broken there’s nothing you can do, a professional electronician with the proper tools and savoir-faire will cost you more than a brand new processor…

Be more careful next time :wink:

they r broken …not just bent

anyway .,… thank u all

sure I will Be ! :doh:


Is it still under Intel’s 3 year warranty. If yes just ask for a RMA from Intel. I actually dropped a 3.06GHz proc and Intel RMA’d a new one!!!



Years ago - I was installing a processor and one pin folded into another on the outside row - when I powered up - it blew a chunk out of the top of the chip and a cloud of acrid came from the computer-

Believe it or not - I took it back to Frys - and they gave me a new chip!!! (remember that this was years ago)

They would never do that nowdays-eh!


Off topic… Hey Gumby… What the hell are you doing with your 3500’s?:confused:

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