HELP! 24x is not 52x!

Help, I bought a new burner yesterday as my old one crapped out on me. It is a samsung 52/24/52, but nero only recognizes it as a 24/10/40 just like my old one. I have rebooted sevral times, reinstalled nero and enabled DMA, still nothing. Clone CD sees it as up to 48x but will only burn at 24x. Any suggestions?

Are you using 48x or 24x rated media in the drive ??

Also have you tried upgrading to the most current version of Nero as some of those bundled versions were tied to a particular drive… I’m not sure but maybe thats why it wont go past that speed:confused:

I found the problem, the drive just doesn’t like the media that I have, i tried a different brand and all works fine.