HELP! 24102b wont read discs

Hi all
Can anyone help me with this problem which has given me major grief on and off the last few months.
I’ll try to be short and sweet while giving as much info as I can.
I’m running a P3 800 on an Abit VL6 mobo. 320Mb, 2x30Gb, Hitachi 16x DVDROM (sec master), Liteon 24102b 5S5A (sec slave), XP Pro, Nero & CloneCD 4.
This problem first appeared about 7 months ago. From working fine, all of a sudden my Liteon became very fussy about which types of media it would read. It used to accept everything, then it started to only accept certain brands of media. Vivastar blue dye were always best, Traxdata were not bad, but a lot of others like Datasafe, Bulkpaq, e-proformance etc it stopped reading. When I inserted a disc the green light would flash for so long and u could hear the drive spin up, but it would fail to read the disc and then spit it out.
After lots of searching for a solution, I eventually dl’ed the new firmware 5S5A and Voila! problem solved. :slight_smile: All media was accepted no probs.

The drive worked fine again for a few months up until a couple of weeks ago, where the problem arose again.

This time, it started struggling with FWS, Datasafe Silver Premium and Bulkpaq but was accepting the new Datasafe Blue Dye, Traxdata and White Labels just about every time. Fair enough I thought, just bought a load more Datasafe blue dye. However, I wrote about 200 of them and then it stopped accepting them. I had normal Traxdata and the black bottomed ones, which it would accept, so I was using them until yesterday. As I was ruynning low, I went to shop for more. They had no Traxdatas so I got 100 Infiniti’s. Went home, tried them and they worked fine at first. However, after writing about 20 or so discs, they stopped working too. The traxdata I have left are working roughly once out of 10 times inserted.

It’s as if the drive gets used to them and then says “chase yerself, Ive sussed out how to stop these ones working too”!!! :smiley: Not the most technical breakdown, I know.

So, I tried firmware first as that was the problem the last time. No joy as I already have it on 5S5A, which it tells me if I try to flash it to it again.
Tried the latest Via 4 in 1 drivers, made no difference.
Tried changing the IDE setup to all combinations, no joy. :frowning:

After searching a load of posts here and other forums, I see the link between mine and any similar problems as being the Abit motherboard. However, I have never had it eject the drawer problems mentioned and I know that the writer can function 100% on this board as it works a dream when functioning correctly.
I can think of nothing else to try, and MUST solve this problem fast. Is there a fix, is my drive dying (I doubt that as it occasionally will still accept the odd Traxdata), do I need a new mobo…???

Plz, anyone offer any opinions on this? I am stuck whether or not to replace the cdrw or the mobo? I was gonna buy the 48x24x48 Liteon. Does this have the Abit compatibility issue??
Or will replacing my mobo bring my 24102b back to life?? I burn a lot of discs, so I need to resolve this quickly, also tomorrow is last posting date to buy need hardware online.

Apologies for the v.long post and thanks for reading it and thx in advance for any help offered guys. Rgrds…PaulG

This is only a guess, but you could use MTKFlash to flash to an older firmware (or reflash 5S5A) and see if that solves your problem.