HELP! 165H CH0J Firmware Binary needed

I have a Lite-on 165H (RPC-1 flashed), today it stopped working and i wanted to restore the original firmware so i could return it to a store for warranty (i bought it about 1 month ago). When i try enabling RPC-2 again, it just says “problem with ASPI - layer detected.” So i downloaded the supposed latest firmware for my drive - CH0Z. It still doesn’t work (the laser is probably damaged) and the firmware doesn’t even appear to be Lite-on (it comes up in Drive Region Info v2.1 as JLMS XJ-HD 165H CH0Z) Litefirm2 for some reason wouldn’t let me make a binary of the CH0J firmware (even though it’s Lite-on) and now i can’t flash it back to how it was. Does anyone know where i can get a Lite-on 165H CH0J binary?


Try this one with mtkFlash.