HELP! 1653 EEPROM Please!

I just “accidentally” overwrote my 1633’s EEPROM with an 832s … and it’s screwed. Can anyone please e-mail me an image of their 1653s (cos I want a true 1653 eeprom instead of a 1633s) to me - veronicaphung12-0c1 (at this provider)

This will be locked faster than i can say “You are doomed”

EEPROMS are unique to each device. If you didn’t backup yours before messing with it… you need to go back to the shop and buy a new one. At least they are extremely cheap right now! :slight_smile:

Sorry for troubling you all, I FOUND MY BACKUP!

laughs all the way! It was in the RAR archive of my previous hard disk, inside the RAR file for the previous hard disk - a rar in a rar.


Now you see the benefit of saving more copies of your eeprom… on different locations. I always keep copies on my harddisk, on cd-rom and on floppy-disks.

:clap: Leo

sigh harddisks getting larger, things getting harder to find, computer needing reformat more often = most data lost in backup somewhere!