HELP!1640 cant burn at 16*

with 1640dw,my attempt to burn MCC004 turned out a total disaster…
i have describe my prob in this thread

need your help!!! thanks in advance

MCC 004 doesn’t burn very well at 16x on the BenQ 1640. Try 12x.

If you just need to burn MCC 004 at 16x, get a LG GSA-4163B. Best 16x burns I’ve seen with this media were on this drive.

Try re scanning one of the scans you posted but scan at 8x not 16x, let us know if the results differ.:slight_smile:

i burned one yesterday at 12* and turned out no diff than at 16* :eek:

i’m on that, crossg

here we go…looks like 2.8G is the beginning of my nightmare…hopeless :a

Actually with the BenQ 1620 and 1640 the PIF start to spike around that area when burned @ 16x no matter what. Example #1 & Example #2. First thing would be to post your computer specs. I know you listed them in the other thread but post them here so everyone doesn’t have to go looking. Second: Do you have solid burn activated. It shouldn’t matter but the FW has a normal 16x write strat for MCC 004 (S/B maybe interfering)so maybe try with out. You say you get the same result at 12x so lets start from scratch, and no it’s not hopeless you will probably get lots of help here.:slight_smile:

thank you crossg.
i always have S/B default un-activated for known media.

here’s my description posted in another thread.i just copy/paste here. forgive me, i’m a slacker

i burned 3 MCC004’s which indicate as 16* and came out with scores below 70(0 for one)…after i set DMA to Mode 2 …upgrated fw to BSLB…replaced 40pin IDE to 80pin(couldnt help with qscan, so i changed back)…and up-to-dated nero OEM version…
usually, i leave all settings default( WOPC on, S/B off for known media, etc.)
i have only 256M DDR400(PC3200) to run winXP SP2. AMD sermpron 64 3200+…

plus, i have a qualified USB to IDE cable with power cable. in case that i need to do test


Looks to me like your MCC 004 is not up to the task of burning at 16x just like my batch. I would give Solid burn a try and burn @12x which is a better speed for this media anyways. Just because because it’s 16x rated doesn’t mean it will burn well at 16x. Phillips C16 DVD+R media for example. Give it a try and let us know.:slight_smile:

hi crossg. how are you doing? glad to see you again. you look very nice today :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems i have to face the fact that my MCC004 is not up to 16*…i cant take that but i just dont understand why it’s not up to 12* either…i’ll try some other media…no idea what i’m gonna get…not many choices here and fakes all around…i’ll see what i can do and come back here days later

thank you crossg. you are very helpful.

i gotta go to bed. it’s 0:27am.

good day to you