I wanted to thank everyone on this forum for all their input and especially the guys who work so hard to hack the firmware to make the drives the best they can be. :bow:
I am just jumping on the 3500 bandwagon today. I just ordered one from Newegg.com for 70 USD + 5 USD shipping and the free 5 DVD-R’s.

Thanks again to all. I didn’t want my first post here to be a “how does this thing work” type of post !!


You will not regret 3500a and what a price. Also those free disc are very good for freebies- thats what i done my first 5 movies and no coasters.
ho ray for nec 3500ag. :iagree:

Yeah ,it was between the 3500 and the Pioneer 108 but when it was 10 dollars less AND is supposed to be just as good if not better of a burner,how could i say no ? LOL

Plus all the “unofficial” firmware support.




Hope you are as satisfied with your 3500 as I am with my two-

Do your self a big favor and use only Taiyo Yuden media for the very best burns with your 3500 - you can get them for about $.60 ea plus shipping from www.rima.com

Happy Burnin’


OK, thanks for the input. I still have about 100 of the Ritek Ricohjpn01 +R discs and 50 of the Verbatim 8x +R. After i burn these up, i’ll check out those Yudens.