hello m8s this is my first post…i may be a new guy here but i know many things about copy protections…i am one of the top members at fileforums…i want to ask you just to give me a way…i don’t know where to start from…can you make any sugestions?:confused:

hey themis ! podunkviller ;)…the expert clonecd forum is really cool stuff, its fun to hear what olli has to say

ok see you in fileforums and here podun…thanx…:smiley:

Well, if you’ve got a prob just post it in one of our forums and we’ll help you out! :wink:

ok…i don’t think i will do it soon cause here in greece now it’s the examination period so i will have to study and i don’t think i will have time to read all this and try …cu soon…

We won’t leave! :smiley: You can always find us here! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck with the exams!!!

thanx guyz…cu soon…:cool: :smiley: