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Hello sasysasy and welcome to MYCE.
Hope you find these forums informative and helpful.


Hi sasysasy and welcome to the forums. :flower:



I need to post 5 times so I can then send a PM so here is my first post and Hi to all.


Here would be my second post. A little about my rigs. I have two HP z600 workstations with 24 cores and 98 gigs of ram.


Here would be my third post and a little more info. I use the LG WH14NS40 drives form my blu ray and dvd needs.


Here would be my fourth post and a little more info. I buy all of my movies I don’t pirate, I have about 1,200 movies 800 as dvd and 400 as blu ray.


Here would be my 5th post and the final info. I rip all of my moves to ISO’s for DVD’s and folders for my blu ray. I then watch my library using KODI. I have just bought my first 4K disc and that is what brings me to this form. My buddy’s WH16NS40 drive which was purchased in march of this year can read the 4k disc structure by my drives are don’t. I am hoping with some firmware magic that might change.


No, that won’t happen. Only two types of LG drives are known to be able to read the files on the 4k discs, and those are new revisions of those drives. You shouldn’t expect any other drives to be updated to do this.

And in any case, there is no software that will play the discs on a computer. Even PowerDVD 16, soon to be released, probably won’t play them. We’ll know for certain about that sometime in the middle of this month, when PowerDVD 16 is released.