New to the forum. After lurking for a while it looks like I found a place to help me learn.

I have just started making my own dvd’s and enjoy it although I spend a lot more time than I thought I would.

I would like to be able to carry some of my store bought dvd library around with me on my laptop but do not know how to rip dvd’s to my hard drive. Since I use a mac and all my friends are pc guys I don’t get much help from them.

Can anyone point me in the direction for doing this?


MactheRipper is the one I know of—sorry not a Mac user here. Apparently the free version hasn’t been updated since 2005, but the newer “beta” version is available for a $40 “donation”. What a rip, so to speak. The free version should work with most dvds you’ll encounter—don’t know about latest releases though.
http://www.mactheripper.org/ You’ll have to register at their site to get to the main forums by the way.

There are a few transcoder programs available for the Mac platform as well, which would allow you to reduce the size of the dvds to fit onto a dvdr if you wanted. DVD2OneX is one. It is a commercial product too.

Using Macs gets expensive in a hurry doesn’t it? Just not as many people developing free software for that platform. You might want to ask around in a Mac-centric forum to see if there are better alternatives. I know there is an active sub-forum for Macs over at ArsTechnica for example.

Thanks for the quick reply, I look into Mactheripper and the other forums as well.

Another one that comes to mind is ImTOO DVD Ripper. I am the same as Kerry56 and not a Mac user, but I have seen this talked about a lot.

Link: http://www.imtoo.com/

Any other software that I can think is not worth mentioning because the cost is in excess of $400.00 US dollars, and I know that you do not want to even go there.

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