k…first thing i just noticed…why does it say the forum name after the poster’s name?

but anyways, im still alive and all, just dropping in to say hello! :slight_smile:

see you guys later!

  • chris


Hello, and goodbye.


It is part of the “great mischief”


A quick check in the Forum Talk forum and you would have known…
At least, you wouldn’t have needed to post it here :wink:

Do hang around this time :wink:


yeah i checked there shortly after…was like 'oh. well anyways, it looks weird, but as you said, you get used to it I guess.

i’ll hang around once in a while, the content in the living room hasn’t changed too much, so I guess I haven’t missed much :smiley:

take care guys!

  • Chris


Well I don’t get used to it, I think it pretty sucks. :Z

Nice to see you’re back. :iagree: