hi there,

thought i had better say hial, litl bit bout my self, student into cad+phtoshop’nd’sports. also LOVE home entetainment the better the system the more the enjoyment, thats right int it.

sorry for all typing shotcuts but you think thats bad you wannaa here me speak (W.Yorkshire, ENG) any ho looking to post plenty hope to help and be helped from this forum…


You’ve entered the right place if need assistance that’s for sure.Welcome,you are now a Cdfreak.

:bigsmile: :slight_smile:


Welcome marts…

Might I suggest that you do a complete signature at the bottom. This gives the info on your equipment to the T. This will help us help you by saving time in asking you what your system and OS is if you come accross a problem. Just remember that when asking a question to do a search first. 9 chances out of ten your question has been asked before and you’ll find your answer without having to post. If this doesn’t work, please do post but give as much info as possible. Everyone will ask you this and thats why I suggest your info be posted in your signature. Again, Welcome!



Yo marts-

See how nice Mr Sportsmell is to you - until he gets wind that you express your preference for -R medias - like the other intelligent folks around here do - then he will turn on you like a bad hairpiece-

Just a word of warning there youngin’



yo salty

so are you saying people like dee-27 & Codeking are un-intelligent for prefering +R media?

you`ll be getting sin-binned for making comments like that one day :iagree:

p.s Welcome to cdfreaks Marts :bigsmile:


Yo ako-

I think that I am pretty secure here - 'cause -
R media out sells +R media - like ten to one or some godawful number like that - so there’s gotta be some folks that prefer +R’s I guess…



Ah Ha… Now the truth comes out. You do wear a Salty Dog Rug. Should a known ya old Hair Ball wanna be.


the 10 to 1 ratio would have been the case a year ago, and i agree negative R`s do sell more, but these days its got to be more like -70/+30 or -60/+40 even.

you only have to look at the difference between vhs and betamax to know that quanterty of sales doesn`t mean better quality.


Right on ako. I tried teling the old buzzard the same thing a month or so ago.

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