Hello - yet another frustrated newbie

Hello all, new to the forum(s)

I recently got into the world of dvd burning, purchased a Sony dual layer all-format burner, bought a 100 pack of Kodak +R dvd’s and thought I was off to the races, so to speak. I figured that the technology must be leaps & bounds ahead since I first got a 4x cd burner with my new Dell PIII 550 years ago and coasters would be minimal. Boy was I surprised! :frowning:

The first thing I did after installing the bundled NTI software that came with the burner was download the latest versions of dvd decryptor and dvd shrink. My kids are extremely hard on dvd’s so I decided to back them up first, and the first few I made played ok in my newer samsung player, and sometimes ok in my slightly older panasonic player. A co worker advised me to try -R dvd’s so I bought a 25 pack of memorex and for the most part they worked ok, so I then bought a printable surface spindle of TDK -R’s most of those worked most of the timeso I got a spindle full of Prodisc printable-to-hub -R’s to try them. Well, 5 out of 6 failed to burn right off the bat and the one that did would only play 1/2 the time! I asked my more knowlegeable co-worker again and he said to try roxio creator classic instead of NTI, so I did that and it burns the dvd’s at about 80% success rate and about 60% are playable in my set top dvd’s. So I brought a prodisc dvd to work and had him burn Troy on it on a newer machine with roxio and it plays flawlessly, even in my more finicky player.

I also notice that some discs will play fine in one player, and be real choppy in another, often reversing results. I clean the lense regularly and make sure the dvds are spotless as well.

As you can see my coaster collection is getting huge! Hence my questions:

Although the burner I bought said it was compatible with PIII or better, would I have better results with a faster machine? (I usually choose slowest burning speed btw) I have a PIII with 768mb ram running XP pro

Are some set-top players better than others? I heard that the ultra-cheap ones you can pick up at Wal-Mart et all are ok because they are basically dvd-roms with a cheap case around them and will play almost anything you throw at it. I also heard that Toshiba is a better set top unit for playing homemade dvd’s but I dont want to spend the money and find out this is not neccesarily true.

Was Sony not the best choice when I bought my burner?

Is there any other suggestions out there that may aid me in slowing down the growth of my dvd-coaster collection?


Have you done any quality scans on the discs?

since this is an older machine check a few things -

your IDE cable - is it 40 or 80 wire?
DMA settings - how is it set?
how did you configure the burner - master, slave, csel?

after checking all of the above consider using top rated media - the kodak, tdk and memorex you are getting is probably not the best.
look into TY, Verbatim, Maxell and a few others that are recommended in the Media forum.

Also - no need to “slow down” the burn…it is not akin to driving around a sharp turn with a cliff on the side… :wink: - burn at rated speed.

good luck!

I’ll check those this weekend, tonight if time permits…

I’m pretty (95%) sure the IDE is 40 wire
Not sure what the DMA is, and I’m thinking it is probably configured as slave - does this make difference?

And I had better success burning at 4x with the memorex I think, and the TDK 's would fail at 4x but were ok at optimal (8x) -but then that was with the NTI dvd software. Also I got a lot of failures with the NTI unless I chose track at once, disc at once failed almost everytime, but with roxio it greys out the track at once option but they work on disc at once almost everytime.

change the cable to 80 wire.
most new burners need that.
better if newer burner set as master, old as slave.

I’m a bit confused here, if it is a 40 pin connection, how can an 80 wire cable work? I dont believe I have seen 80 wire IDE cables…

same number of connections but twice the wires.
find it on newegg or local shop, should be 5 bucks.

gotcha - I’ll have a look on monday!

Hi Viking57,
In regards to your question about Toshiba standalone units, I have a Toshiba SD-1850 player which is about year and a half old, and I have used TDK
-R/RW & +R/RW’s for all my burning and the player has played them all without fail, so I guess it depends on brand names.