Hello World

Hi I’m now officially moderating the CloneCD forum together with Gamefreak.

If anyone have questions, then i would be glad to answer them.

yeah, only your name should become a moderator

What do you mean my friend.

i gave you now the title moderator, only just the title :wink:

Welcome on board Zyron :slight_smile:

We3c60 Zyr6n

/me also wants to say welcome! :wink:

BTW: Zyron, what’s going on with Echo2000? Your site (www.perfectcopy.org) is up for sale and I don’t see any news :frowning:

Somehow Namezero kicked me from www.perfectcopy.org , but i’m still working on it and has just released Beta 2.

And what is your site now???

Hello Zyron, and welcome! I also wonder where I can download Echo2000? It would be very nice with a cp-detection program in english like Perfect Copy!!! Gimme!!!


perfectcopy.adsl.dk is my site, but it isn’t up until installed the Mail server. I’m not the best guy in th world to linux, if you know what i mean.