Hello together & first post: UltraSpeed CD-RW burns only 16 CLV on LDW-451S?

Few days ago I bought a rebated DRW-1S45 (aka Liteon LDW-451S) and I am wondering very much, why this drive burns Ultra Speed CD-RW only at 16 CLV. In all reviews I’ve seen his twin brother (LDW-411S) burning up to 24 speed in P-CLV.

But my piece already seems to have difficulties to recognize US-CDRW because it’s doing a lot of head moving after applying the disk and needs a long time to log it in. I use Verbatim US-CDRW media and as a countercheck also one Memorex - identical behaviour. Any ideas why this drive won’t do what it should??

Nero, WinXP/SP1, Abit NF7 V2.0, Windows IDE drivers (with nVidia drivers KProbe was not able to find any ATAPI drive!).

According to this your drive should be able to write CD-RW at 24x.

It possibly could be a problem with the media. Try a different (high quality) disc and see if that helps.

A few people with “real” 451S drives have said they have to turn of smartburn in Nero in order to burn some CD-RW discs at 24x instead of 16x. You could always try that as well.

One last thing. Using LtnFW and a .bin copy of a 451S firmware you can flash your drive to make it a “real” 451S. Be aware though, that it could potentially void your warranty.

Thanks for your attention, Ssseth!

Just this evening I’ve found the “solution”: it’s not related to media as I thought first like you. I use Verbatim US-CDRW which are good quality media. Memorex I only used for crosschecking and I knew before that they are bad quality.

The reason is — firmware!

With LDW-451S GSB7 UltraSpeed CDRW is only burnt at 16 CLV:

With GSB6 the drive behaves as it should:

Also with GSB6 the CDRW media is logged in faster and without much head moving.

So much about “in GSB7 we only changed Booktype Setting”…

Tomorrow evening I will check with 851S firmware versions, but I expect the same. Either “Booktype Setting” or “24speed with CD-RW media”. Liteon, this is BAD!!!

Originally posted by blurbs
The reason is — firmware!

Oh my. That’s certainly is an interesting new “feature” of the new firmware… I wonder if this was intentional or if it was a mistake by LiteOn.

I didn’t know that smartburn was as strict on cds as well.
Before u updated ur firmware, did u try turning smartburn off? did it still stop at 16x if so? Just wondering a bit.

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I didn’t know that smartburn was as strict on cds as well.
Before u updated ur firmware, did u try turning smartburn off? did it still stop at 16x if so? Just wondering a bit.

Not strict enough, unfortunately. I got a pack of LeadData crap CDs (free after rebate, so hey, what the heck). SmartBurn limited them to 40x on my 48x combo (and also 40x on my 451@851). Every disc burned at 40x coastered. Had to manually go down to 32x. Incidentally, SmartBurn knocked the speed down from 24x to 16x when used on my laptop’s LSC-24082K. But anyway, the moral of the story is… is… wait, what did I just tell this story for? Um, random recollections of SmartBurn CD experiences. There we go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your tip relating to SmartBurn, until now I haven’t mentioned about that.

Trying GSB7 again with “SmartBurn OFF” it DID really burn US-CDRW with 24x (P-CAV). But login of media is still slow, multiple head movements. KProbe spent long time in “ATAPI: Read Track Information” and finally only gave SyncErrors, it was not able to scan the disk correctly!

With GSB6 everything works fine, fast login, 24x speed also with SmartBurn enabled. KProbe gave no sync errors and scanned the disk at full speed with good results.

Conclusion: In GSB7 LiteOn has worsened the parts which are managing UltraSpeed CDRW media (maybe other media types too, this is left for testing). This firmware is not recommended for people (like me…) who need fast and reliable access to US-CDRW media.

And still offering the drive as a 40/24/40 capable burner I feel is a deception. :a