Hello to all

Hello to all you kind people. I have just recently (searching the google on Bd-r burning) stumbled across this site. And all I can say is thank you that it exists. Without you many of my data would probably be lost. I have burned some CDs as well as DVDs over the years and have a pretty good collection. I have been bruning CDs and DVDs since early 1997 or 1996 and some of them are still in my collection.
I have recently bought a new Bd-r burner Pioneer 209EBD BD-R
And I thought my data was safe until…today. After reading some posts here I have decided to pick out some the first burned CDs and do the scans with this new Pioneer burner. To my big surprise even CDs that were burned in 1997 are still readable but after scaning with Nero DiscSpeed I can see that many areas(sectors) of the Cds are damaged (showing up yellow). Some of the CDs are damaged up to 50 or 60%. I could however copy the data to my backup harddrive. I am not done with all copy yet. So my questions for now would be. Is it “safe” to assume that the read data is still good? And if not how do I retrieve it in the best way/tools/drives. The second question would be what drive do I use to do the most reliable scans. Thank you in advance. Let the scans be with you :slight_smile:

Edit: I have to add that some of the mentioned CDs are of the Kodak (gold /silver), some are HP and many are of the Memorex brand. Many are discoloured or show some “yellowish” discolouring. They were silver colour in from the begining. I can post pictures to show this.

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If you were able to rip the contents of the discs successfully, then yes, the data will be intact. If you find a disc that cannot be ripped, I would suggest trying a program called ISOBuster to get the material to the hard drive. It works in a different method than most ripping software and can sometimes retrieve material where nothing else worked.

Also, optical drives vary in their ability to read poor discs. If you find one that is a problem and the Pioneer fails, it sometimes helps to use a different type of drive. I have an old LG Blu-ray drive that is good at this, and many use Lite-on drives in this type of endeavor.

If you want to make quality scans, not just the regular type of scan, you would probably need a Lite-on drive, though there may be a few others still on the market that have Mediatek chips that can do this. I haven’t been keeping up with the drives for many years now. Many of our other members, like Ibex and Albert to name a couple, know more than me about scanning, especially cd’s, since I was never a heavy user of cd’s.

Again, welcome to the forums. As you may have noticed, we are changing forum software, so this thread and your posts may not be retained once we shift over to the new look. You may wind up starting all over on your post count here.

Thank you for a quick response as and a welcome. I will keep IsoBuster in mind. There is Lite-on drive that I can obtain at a local store. I think the model nr is something like 122 or 124…I am not sure atm. Well after the change I can repost I guess. :slight_smile: