Hello to all

Hello to all I was looking to solvve a problem and this looked like the place to help, :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Welcome to the forum, cdeck3 :smiley:

For any kind of technical help, the Newbie forum is a great place to get answers and help…or you can relax and chat here in the Living Room with other forum members :smiley:

Good to have you on the forum!

Welkom to the living Room please feel free to come chat;

Welcome cdeck3

What is the problem you were seeking help with; lots of great folks here with a vast amount of knowledge.

hello to0 all: Im running Vista Ultimate and I have two external hard drives hooked up to it. I removed one and then re attached it. Now I get an error message Disk not accessable access denied. If anybody has an idea letgme know.

Welcome to the forum…Did you unplug the external while powering down?

Power was off I’ve since add some devices with no probllemsm Then I put that drive in and get the same message, weird.thanks

Hi cdeck3 :slight_smile: - since the thread is now one about getting help for your external hard drive, I’ll move it to the Newbie forum where you can get more help :slight_smile: