Hello: questions about DVD Fab

Newbie here, First I want to say hello to all and tell you I have no clue as to what I’m doing. Just purchased dvdFabGold4 . have no clue what I’m doing. Just want to make backup copies of my dvds. Any help would be appreciated. It seems to me if I don’t purchase the Platinum edition I can not do anything?

I’m in New ork City and the time right now is 8 AM Sunday


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We have an individual forum for DVD Fab questions so I’ll transfer this query there.

Edit: done.

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If you look at [B][U]this comparison chart[/U][/B].
You’ll see for your purposes DVDFab Gold will do as much as Platinum.
Top of the page you’ll see [B][U]Tutorials[/U][/B], click on this (or the link in this post).
Should answer most questions for you.
Anything more specific.
Come back & post again. :cool:

i have a few dvdfab videos posted on youtube.

i use platinum for the videos but the settings will be the same.