Hello-Problem with avi to DVD



:slight_smile: Hello,

My name is Nick, and I am from Athens, Greece and am glad to be here.

My problem is I have Nero 6, DVD Shrink v.3 and I have been trying for 2 weeks to convert andput on disc .avi files of music concerts to something viewable by my DVD player on the TV Screen, without success. I have downloaded, installed, and uninstalled many freeware programs in my effort to get this right, and failed with all of those other programs. I also have a version of Pinnacle’s Studio Pro 10, installed it but got stuck in the activation process each time I wanted to include a file in its window, so I am thinking of re-installing that.

Is there a simple way I can do this conversion of avi to DVD-player readable files so I can watch them on my TV screen?

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Nick & welcome to the forum.

Have you tried NeroVision which you should have as part of Nero6?



No, I had not tried that and did not have it installed, but I just uninstalled my Nero and reinstalled a newer version 6 and also Nero Vision with it.
I can try with that now and see what happens.
I will report back how it went…


convertx2dvd works pretty well for what you want to do you might want to go download it or find a trail of it pm me if you have questions about it.


Thanks friends.

NeroVision did the job well.

Thanks again.