Hello please, problems with a Lite-On SHW-160P6SO5

Hello everyone,
I did a brief search, but nothing. Ok I have a Lite-On SHW-160P6S05 and if was fine when I bought it back on 8/29/2006 and was working fine. Didn’t really use it a lot. Maybe burnt 10 or 15 DVD’s. But now the problem is it doesn’t see the DVD’s that I burnt with the same drive. How ever it does see and read the CO’s I burnt with it.

      When I put a burnt DVD in the drive it does nothing. I double click on it and I get this.  F:\ is not accessible   Incorrect function. Heres my spec's.

AMD Barton 3200 stock
Asus 87N8X Dekuxe 2.0
2 gig of Corsair
Maxtor 60 gig c:
Lite-On DVDRWSHW 160P6S05
Lite-On LTR-32123S
Maxtor 300 gig
Weston Digital 250 gig
Windows 2000 PRO all up to date with service packs

Mero OEM

Can someone tell me why the is doing this?

2 days go by and no response. Why I thought this was the place that might have people that knew. Is there another forum that would?

Do you have IN CD installed?

No In Cd is not installed.

Do you have another drive to test ??
Did you change your bios configuration??
Try uninstalling the drive.

F:\ is not accessible Incorrect function

It seems like it’s in use

I tried to take the drive out. But the computer won’t boot when I tried that. That doesn’t make since. It should boot anyways.

I believe what ricmec meant by “uninstalling the drive” is removing it in device mgr. and let the operating system take a fresh look at the drive on the reboot. It will then 're’recognize it, and sometimes it will work. Also, I have had some strange problems like this when experimenting with different burning software, I have to many burning apps installed and it causes strange problems with my dvd burner. Also I have had a similar issue with Anydvd running with something else. Not sure what the exact fix there was as, I was do for a reformat anyways, and it did not return after the fresh os install. If removing the drive in device mgr. is of no help, try limiting the burning software installed, and maybe disable any thing like daemon, and or anydvd. Hope this helps.