Hello Need Help Flashing Pioneer 108 To Piodata 108DX Please need help

ok if someone would be so kind to give me directions on how to flash the pioneer 108 to Piodata 108DX .

Where do you get the Piodata kernal at ?

this is what i have read on forum so far just want to make sure directions are correct before i do i never flashed a drive before

You have to download a kernel file first. After that you can use the DVRFlash readme.txt to get info on flashing both kernel and FW.

IM having hard time in finding this piodata kernal can anyone direct me in the right direction ?

The Second question i know piodata has there newest firmware 1.18 so im just taking a guess once i find the piodata kernal than i can use the latest firmware piodata 1.18 to flash my pioneer 108 to piodata ?

Please need help and yes i know im probably going to get laughed at for asking this but im a dumb arse anway so i know im not that bright lol lol lol


For those who wants to convert a
DVR-A08/108 drive into a true DVR-A08DX/108DX (aka PIODATA)
(support DVD-R @ 16x max and DVD-RW @ 4x max)

v1.18 (RPC-1 + unlock ripping speed only)