Hello, Liteon 48126W

Hello, I am new here. This is my first post. I have a LiteOn Cd-rw on order(should get here on the 18th). Only problem is the website has it marked as a ltr-48126W. I checked out the LiteOn website and I can’t this model number. I see a model 48125W but not 48126W.

Is this just a misprint on the website? The drive is listed as a 48x12x48


Welcome, :slight_smile:

The 48126 series from Lite-on is a later model than the 48125 and has the chipset that is in their latest and fastest models.

Lite-on lists a 48126S model on their site. The S and W models are essentially the same, so I wouldn’t worry about it. If you get a 48126 model, you are actually getting a later burner with better upgrade options than a 48125.

Got the drive today. Turns out it is the 48125W not a 126. I guess it was a misprint on their website. Still, I am told it is not a bad deal for 50 bucks .


Yeah, it’s a good one ! :wink: