Hello, Just Joined Have A Question On My Cendyne Drive

i just got my cendyne 48/16/48 drive today. ive read that cendynes are relabeled liteons? i tried searching for a firmware update but im having a hard time trying to find the exact one for my drive. on their homepage, they dont even have a 48/16/48 drive listed. is this really a cendyne drive?:confused:

on the actual drive it has model no. cw 4802, and in windows it has 481648ax. the firmware currently is 150F. if anyone can help me find a update firmware for my drive, it would be apprecaited.

That is a OptoRite CD-RW drive.

thanks for the reply, so my drive isint a cendyne? or is it a cyberdrive labeled a cendyne? :confused: i hope i can update the firmware for an increase in speed like the liteons … .

Sorry, I meant to say OptoRite. It is an OptoRite CW4802(48x16x48). Firmwares here. Let me look to see if it’s overclockable.

The drive is known to be sold by CyberDrive, Cendyne, Verbatim (VBT481248a), & Accesstek.

Does this look similar?

thanks for the info, i updated it to the lastest firmware on OptoRites site, and now my drive is showing as a optorite. as quality/performace how do they compare to the liteons? or are they really all the same quality. i dont want this drive to break down soon.

-oh yea, my drive looks similar to the pic, but the cd tray is completely rectangle shape and the buttons are a bit differnt.

kiltz, seems like i have just bought the same drive as you. optorite’s firmware on their site is 150E for the drive. Wouldnt this be a ‘downgrade’ from the 150F that the drive shipped with?

also, does anyone know whether this drive can be overclocked?