Hello, I'm Rex from Palm Bay, Florida USA and I need help ~

:confused: I have a new Western Digital USB Hard Drive and some how I managed to get some sort of a VHD type file on it I cannot get rid of. It will not show up in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 Professional) except as a CD drive. I’m retired and cannot afford to take it somewhere / to somebody for help with this problem so Thanking anyone in advance… Please help me to resolve this problem so I can reformat the USB drive and start over. It is a 1 TB drive and have not installed any software on it and ALWAYS use the safe to remove optiom before unplugging it. What’s the best way to fix this? Thanks again,
Rex in Palm Bay, Fl

Hi Rex:
A [B]VHD [/B]is a Virtual Hard Disc, go into your start up programs and look for anything resembling a VHD and uncheck it, its problably starting on startup and as it is being used you cant delete it. Uncheck it. and then try to delete it. If that doesn’t work there is a progam called : Unlocker’ Its free,(GOOGLE it) try it it will unlock the VHD file from your hard drive and after a reboot you should be good to go. You wont even have to reformat.:flower: