Hello, i'm new here :-). i have a problem with my DVD burner (1814blt ASUS)



it was working without a problem for almost 4 years, but in the last couple of months, it has a problem.
no matter if it’s new disc to burn, or burned disc to read, it most of the time can’t read the disc.
it’s working and working inside, without a rest, and i can’t access the drive.
what i do is eject it and then get it back again, hoping it will be good in this time, but most of the times i need to eject it and insert it again and again for a couple of times, till sometime the disc can be read.
it is very frustrating

i have the latest ASUS firmware, which is 1.14.

is there something i can do to solve this problem, or just buy a new burner?

and if i need to buy, is there a brand name you recommend or whatever i buy will be good?


You may need to clean the lens of the drive. The best way to do this is to remove the drive from the computer, then take off the metal exterior shell. You will be able to see the lens at this point.

Take a cotton swab and put a small amount of alcohol on it, then clean the lens gently. Reassemble and try reading or burning a disk.

If this doesn’t work, then you may be looking at buying a new drive. Most of the drives available from LG, Optiarc and Lite-on are fairly similar in ability these days. I’d avoid the Pioneer 219.

If forced to choose one for myself, I’d probably get an Optiarc.


thanks for your answer!
now i just need to get alcohol :slight_smile:
do aftershave suitable for this mission?
or i need pure alcohol? (i ask because i don’t think i have pure alcohol)


Pure alcohol, either isopropyl or methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) will work. Don’t use products that have other ingredients like scents or coloring agents.

Isopropyl is usually only partly pure…it also has some water in it, but this is ok.


thanks :slight_smile:
anyway, i didn’t wait to the answer and shutdown my computer, remove the drive from the case, and after struggling to open the upper part of the Burner, i have succeeded to open it :-).
i didn’t found any pure alcohol, so i take some aftershave i have and tried to clean the laser with it.
after closing all, connect the drive to my computer, and open the computer, nothing has changed.
the drive can’t read anything.

maybe i didn’t clean it well, maybe i really need a pure alcohol, or maybe i need to throw this drive to the garbage :-).

anyway, i thank you a lot for your help, and for your recommendations to a new drives! :slight_smile:


well, i want to buy the drive today and i narrowed my options to 2:

[B]LG GH22NP20[/B]



they both cost (sort of) the same(where i live :-))

should i do the effort to find the store that sell the 7260s(it’s sort of near me, but i have not been there) or i’ll be happy with the LG? (which i know exactly where the store is)




Go with the AD-7260S-eh


thanks :slight_smile:


well now i found the model AD-7280S which is cheaper then 7260s(different store).
is it good too?


It should be fine.


i bought it (7280s)already and installed it inside my computer.
so far, after 2 burns, it’s OK :-).

should i flash the firmware with the one in this forum? (binflash)


I don’t think you need to update the firmware of this drive yet. I didn’t find an official update at the Sony Optiarc site.


so i’ll wait.
thanks for your help :slight_smile: