Hello, I need some help

Hi my name is Nooby_noob and im a noob

I bought a Benq DVD DD DW1620 DVD+R/RW writer. Iv’e had it for about 9 months now and it just stopped working. My problem is that when I start the PC my DVD drive just opens up halfway, sometimes makes noises or even the place where u put the cd in pops out so fast the table shakes. Every time I turn my pc on one of those issues happen, now my drive doesnt work at all, it registers on windows XP but It doesnt read or burn, also it opens up at random times. Once it closed soo fast it cut my finger :sad: :a
As you can see this DVD drive is not old and i spent alot of money on it and i really dont have the $$ to buy a new one scince my dad is soo cheap.
I do want to point out that I’ve been leaving my computer in Hibernate an awfull lot and only after a few weeks of hibernation this just started.
I dont know whats going on, but I am ready to stab this DVD at any moment :a :a . Before I hurt myself or my computer can someone please help me out, if anyone can ide be very greatfull

O yhea and ive tried using the drive without the IDE cable and it does the same thing and i even tried on different computers but no luck :sad: :sad: :sad: :a

Thanks for reading me :bow:

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