Hello, I need some help,avi-svcd, and im not an idiot. Thanks!

I didnt want my first post here to be one asking for help, but Im stuck and I definetly need some expert guidance.

Im trying to move an Episode of LOST to a vcd, the episode was encoded with xvid.

I originally followed the tutorial on here using TMPGenc which yielded me a video file with no sound…So then i jumped into Virtualdub and streamed out the audio, as a wav, after a failed attempt combine the 2 with NANDUB i have no idea how I can combine them together.

THEN I followed the tutorial AVI TO SVCD using Dvd2svcd. It seems all went well with sound and everything but the when i played the output mpg on my computer i got this

Guys, im stuck, i really just want to watch lost on my tv. Is there anyone kind enough out there to show me how to correct the mistakes i made, with either the first or second method???

Going crazy,

Welcome to CD Freaks.

In Tmpgenc go to Option , Enviroment Settings & VFAPI plugin. Increase the priority of DirectSHow Multimedia reader so that’s at the top of the list.

With your original avi file you’ll probably get the sound. That worked for another member recently.

wow, that seems to have fixed everything including a problem i didnt post up in which i got a video that was over an hour long when the original is only 41 mins.

Thanks alot, is there an explanation for why this way worked and the other way didnt? or is it just intrinsic to the way tmpgenc works?

Thanks again,

I think it’s just intrinsic to the way TmpGenc works. It takes the VFAPI plugins in priority sequence. You may find that you have to change the priority for other situations, I know I have in the past.