Hello i need help for my LG GSA-2164D

Hi !!

I need some help i have LG GSA-2164D and i problem to get right burning speed i have 8x i send picture of it. and i extract one dvd movie some are 4.4gb big and then i start my dvd decrypter and mark this speed 8x and start burning is speed up to 4x and is never going up to 8x it’s take 23 min to burn this dvd. what is wrong?? I have test this DVD disk to Verbatim 8x and get same speed on it .

i have this computer Amd 2800+ Ram 1024. please anyone some can tell me what is wrong this LG DVD 2164D is new.

Check that the UDMA Mode 2 is enable for your drive.

how do i check if my LG 2164D (USB 2) DVD burner UDMA Mode 2 is enable

Sorry, but it’s an external drive. Don’t worry, I made the same mistake in another post just two days ago with the same drive :wink:

Are you sure the system you have supports USB2? You need USB2 to get decent burn speeds out of the writer. If your system does have USB2 ports, double check the USB2 drivers.