Hello: how can i rip a cdrom/with password protection?


normall i always find things to rip but at the moment i don’t. my problem is as follow :

I have overhere the u2 exclusive fanclub only communication. This is a 2cdset with one audio cd (no problem) and one cdrom. The stuff that’s on this cdrom i want it roipped to my hard drive. I suppose that the audio parts and video parts are mpeg. Dvdschrink and dvddecrypter didn’t support it. Nero only make it a nrg part. Does anyone have some tips for me so i can watch it on my pc without using the cd ?

thanks marc

Welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

Is the problem with the password protection, or the fact that this is a mixed format disc?

Think the problem is that its a mixed format disc. Its a cdrom with audio and video. The password was to unlock the cdrom.

Very stupid this a few years ago (before there) were dvds i used to do this all the time but i really don’t know it anymore

Clone it to the hdd, then mount with daemon tools.