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I have been lurking here ever since I bought my Lite-On dvd recorder in December. My name is Trudy. The recorder worked fine except for the copy protected feature kicking in when I was transferring my home vhs videos to dvd. I lived with it. Then lately when watching dvds, they would hang up and nothing I could do would get them going again. That was very annoying! I’ve been reading this forum and decided to do the firmware upgrade. Well, I must have done something wrong because now it won’t do anything right.It’s plumb useless now. It won’t play a dvd, it won’t record a dvd. Can someone please help me with this problem? Please?
Thank You, Trudy


try reflashing origional FW


Caution signs:
That your recorder had failed or soon will

+/- Media will not prep
Recorder will not read partly recorded unfinalized disks
Recorder will not read disks recorded on the same machine
Recorder will not read any original disk
+RW media will not prep
+RW media will not record
+RW media will not stop after record
+RW media will not erase (whole disk)
+RW media will edit erase but then no longer record
+RW media will not play in the recorder but will in another player
Machine makes a clicking sound when trying to prep
Disks that fail to prep have a faint circle near the hub and will not read in a PC
Failed prep and the machine will not stop
Disk will not eject

Things you should do or check

Sure you try another disk of the same media type first
Then another disk same media type but different brand
Then another media type
Then +Rs and +Rs you recorded and finalized that played ok before
Then a recorded +RW disk that played before
Then an original disk that played before
Tried using a lens cleaner
Unplugging the machine for an hour of so
Trying a system restore
Trying to reflash the firmware

checked and retry everything once more


This is the main reson i ordered a recorder with a HDD, so your not bangin the lazer all the time, in my personal experience, a DVD lazer is dead after about 6 months to a year of use, so if you record to the hdd all the time, and only transfer stuff you want to keep to the disc, should be safe.

Well thats my plan anyway.

And how did i come up with the time limit on the lazer?, well 4 pioneer dvd burners with burned out lazers in 14 months, thats how.

They have a short life span, i noticed my failed drives will still read, but not burn, the lazer simplt gets to week, and cant focus correctly as the beam width and streanth is out.

My 2 $


I do not know how to reflash the original FW. I do not even know what that means. Will someone please help me with this?
Thank You, Trudy


read this:



and what is the model number.


It’s a 5005



Just read my posts: and use the directions.