HELLO, HELLO again (5005 display)

After 3 months of great use my Liteon 5005 now has nothing but HELLO on the display. I bought this on April Fools and I have an Armageddon DVD stuck in the drive that won’t eject. :slight_smile: weird eh?

Anyway I assumed an RMA on this so I called support. They had to escalate this to level 2 support because there is a DVD that won’t eject. Special circumstances I assume.

None of the buttons work at this time. Nothing but HELLO.

I will be sending them my information for RMA however I noticed in the TIPS and Tricks thread that unplugging the power then plugging back in with the EJECT button depressed should work. I of course will try that first but I thought I had already tried all possibilities. Any other hints on getting my disk out prior to shipment will be helpful. I don’t want to open it and plug the DVD into my IDE on my computer as that most likely will void the warranty right?


So long as you feel confident in doing so there should be no problem as I think you’ll find that there are no “warranty void if opened” stickers on your recorder.

The manual likewise doesn’t seem to have any such warning either - apart from a danger warning.

The drive does have a manual eject button, just as in a pc drive - the small hole to stick a thin bit of wire into, but it is hidden behind the tray cover which is a real pain to get off and access.