Hello guys having a weird playback problem

Pioneer DV-363

hello guys i am a first timer in here, and i am happy to be part off this exellent site, i am having a very strange issue that i need you experts to look at.
when i burn movies as in dvd movies sometimes when i play them in my standalone dvd player i get freezing , stuttering , picture breaking up kinda problems now i have noticed that it happens with the TDK media that i am using [TDK DVD+R 1-16X 50 Spindle] the label looks blue on the the spindle,
i am trying to figure out what tests i can do to figure out where my problem is coming from, any help will be greatly apprecited, thanks in advance.

The media is usually the problem when freezing and pixilating occurs. Using a quality brand of media will usually fix the problem. Top medias are TY (Taiyo Yuden) and Verbatim. They can be found at

ah, thanks alot for the response, but is there a way i can confirm that my tdk media has problems? i will really like to educate myself by troubleshooting where the problem is coming from, alos what i forgot to mention before is that i burn my dvdrs with a lite-on and a samsung dvdrom from my pc. just letting you guys know a little more information.and also its starnge that i only get problems when i burn video, i dont have a problem burning data, any reason for that? thanks again :slight_smile:

Since you have a Lite-on burner you can scan your disks for errors using either Nero CD/DVD Speed or KProbe. Both are free to download and use.

If you want to know how to interpret the scans I recommend looking in the Blank Media forum and reading some of the stickied threads there.

This is a guide for using CD/DVD Speed: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f96/cd-dvd-speed-user-guide-192563/

And this article might help too: http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Home-PI_PIF-scanning---Who-to-believe/

Don’t know why you are only having problems with video. Are you converting from one format to another? Or using a great deal of compression to fit a commercial dvd onto a single layer dvdr?

actually i am burning these dvdrs from ISO images, some are directly from VIDEO_TS folders, i actually have a dvd that i know that gives me that freezing and pixlating stuff.

Most commercial dvds are too large to fit onto a single layer dvd without compression or deleting parts, like foreign language streams, commentary or extras.

If you made these ISO’s and video dvds yourself, you should be aware of the amount of compression used (if any). Excessive compression from a program like DVDShrink can cause artifacts and blockiness, but rarely skipping or freezing problems. Those are usually related to the media or excessive speed in burning. If you are burning these TDK disks at full speed, I would advise slowing down…8x or 12x at most.

By the way, there have been many discussions in the Blank Media forum about the poor quality disks that TDK has been marketing. They aren’t producing their own media anymore (unless in very small amounts only in Japan), so they are buying mediocre grade disks from Taiwanese suppliers.

ah ok Kerry, ai m beginning to think that it could be poor media, i am going to try another brand media, i already have the movie in iso format on my hdd, i,ll get back you guys as soon as i try a different media, thanks again guys appreciate your feedback very much.

edit- hehe it has made in taiwan, maybe thats the reason. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget, poor media & burn speed. How big are these ISOs? Recommended media, Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. General rule of thumb on speed, half the maximum rated speed of the blank, ie: 16X burn @8X.

redserv don’t worry if the disks you find are Taiwanese. Many of the very best blank dvds are produced there now. The Verbatims that have been recommended to you will probably be from Taiwan (though it is possible to find some single layer Verbatim from India or Japan, depending on where you are located).

Its just that blank dvds from Taiwan come in all sorts of grades…from excellent to very poor. Verbatim is a safe choice, Sony can be an acceptable choice also if you can’t find Verbatim.

thanks again man appercite it, i’ll try another media and let you know what the results are.

Hey everybody…I’m new to the site. I downloaded DVD Shrink at the beginning of the year and was using it to back up my original movies. It was working perfectly until about a few months ago and one day it stopped sorting the files properly so after the movie was finished burning and I tried to play it, it wouldn’t play properly. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, I had not changed any of the setting, and I even uninstalled the program and re-downloaded it but it was doing the same thing. So I decided to try it on a different computer. It worked well for a few months and then mysteriously out of the blue, the same exact problem occured. Does anyone know why this may be?