Hello, first time--question about dvd and modes and space



I’m burning movies I’ve made. Well, supposedly. But with many technical difficulties. I’m hoping the information I know how to give is OK, as I’m no wizard. I’ve read the rules, and am glad you’re welcoming newbies with stupid questions.

My problem is that when I put in my Maxwell DVD-R, which is 4.7 gb, which is supposed to hold 2 hours in the sp mode, and tried to save my idvd movie, which is one hour and five minutes, shot on lp mode, it gave me an error. i’m trying to make it into a quicktime now, so can’t check what the error number was, but it was unwritable. that there wasn’t enough space, or the project wasn’t allowed to be copied, or i needed a writable disc.

is the mode the problem? i can’t imagine why else there wouldn’t be enough space on a blank dvd. the imovie should compress the movie file to be the right size to go on a disc.

i’m working on a powerbook g4 with imovie hd. it’s actually stored though in an external hard drive which has 200 gigs left, because the laptop doesn’t have enough room. would going into the external hard drive, plus using an external burner cause that problem for some reason? i haven’t had the error come up before, but i’ve been having a very hard time with it.

thank you for your patience and helpfulness.



neither i nor most of the members here know anything of idvd, imovie or MAC’s. sorry.

wish i could help.

maybe someone will post??