Hello everyone!

This is my first post to this amazing forum. I am a computer geek just like you. I study Digital Electronics in the Instituto Multiple of Technology of Ponce, Puerto Rico, unfortunetly I didn’t graduate but I did picked up few skill in the digital field (Basic). I also enjoy downloading and testing new freeware programs,utilities, etc… I am here to gather information and to help other with software problem. I am not a profesional but I do know a little bit about Windows Operating System.

Great to meet you ponce21! My name is Barry and I’m new here too!

Well hello to both of you.

Welcome to CdF! :slight_smile:

Hi varybarry and ponce21 :bigsmile::clap::clap::clap:

Hello ponce21 and varybarry…welcome to the pair of you :flower:

Welcome ponce21 and varybarry

Hope to see you around.

Happy Burning


[B]Welkom to da Freak show :flower:[/B]