Hello everyone

hi everyone

anyone have an actual download for dvdfab platinum

everywhere i download it says dvd fab platinum full
but its actually inside the folder(which is the older ver)

on the other hand when i found it is either a trial one, or not fully functioning

could anyone gimme a link or gimme a fully workin key so that i can transform mine into a full dvdfab platinum ver.

thank u

Sorry you got to buy your key (Licence) from DVDFab.com. Anyhing like problems we all will help but first buy it legally please! Welcome To Our Forum.

Its really cheap for all you get in an all in one software! They are right now offering 10 to 20% off I hear right now so hurry while its hot and save some green!

It’s one of gashliquor’s buddies :bigsmile:

Figures, They never give up huh?

No and they think they run the place :rolleyes: don’t ban me cause i’ll be back…whatever :bigsmile:

No keys here. As mentioned, buy the software.

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