Hello Everyone I'm from Texas or is that Taxes

I ran across your site while surfing and thought this should be a good place to get help and meet new people.

I’m an older person and help with “suicide prevention”; I teach
drivers’ education. However, it sometimes feels as though I’m the one committing suicide. LOL

I live in the Dallas metro area but still out far enough that AT&T cannot
provide me with a fast internet connection. I have tried everything
except putting up a satellite. One company will put up an internet only satellite for $250.00 and $60.00 per month. I think this is too much money.

We have Sudden Link cable TV but they do not offer internet here.It’s the only cable available here.

I’m making this way too long. Anyway, does anyone know of an inexpensive or free dial up accelerator that works?

I’m now hooked up to “Speed Kit”, I guess on a trial basis because I never did see a price on it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

Right now I am ,and have been ,using AOL and trying Netzero.

So far I have not been very happy with Netzero even though I am using there fast G-3 dial up.

Well, this is my introduction. Don’t you like new members who have problems? LOL

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Big Jake

Hey Big Jake welcome to the forum, and thanks for telling us something about yourself! :flower:

I’ll move you to our Newbie Forum, where hopefully a member or two will have an answer to your dial-up woes :wink:

Jake looks like this is your only option at this time:

One company will put up an internet only satellite for $250.00 and $60.00 per month.

[I]Somewhat off topic it might be.[/I]

Ouuch… that’s costly Bob. :eek:

Don’t you have a option for wireless Internet in US?
Man, you guys made the moon walk back in 60’s after all.

[I]Edit.[/I] Here in heavily taxed north of Europe [note, not Texas] we pay ~$30/month for 7.2Mbits/s wireless, no fix fee.

[quote=Bob;2042520]Jake looks like this is your only option at this time:

One company will put up an internet only satellite for $250.00 and $60.00 per month.[/quote]
He has another option, he could move to a place that has a good cable internet connection.;):bigsmile::bigsmile:

… Hmmm, or just wait until Ericsson builds his new wireless Internet service for AT&T;

http://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/stories/2008/04/07/daily42.html?ana=from_rss :wink:

[I]BTW,[/I] alan1476, “cable” is out of business long ago when it comes to Internet anyway. :slight_smile:

Howdy Big Jake;There are so many varibles with dial up it’s hard to say how someone should try to tweak it.Even then the Very best speed you are going to get is 53kbps That’s if you are next door to the telco.So first what speed are you getting?
When I had dial up my average speed was 40kbps & I am about 5 miles from the telco.Now the dial-up that is included with my AT&T DSL is 26kbps when I rarely have to use it because they only have 28kbps modems on their dial-up server.
Have you made sure there is no DSL available?
Maybe this will help you check

[B]Thanks to all of you(youall) for answering my questions.[/B]

[B]I have 56 V-90 or 92 modems in all my computers and get on at 19800,21600 or somtimes a blazing 24000. Now this is with a P-4 ,1.6 gig machine with 98 2nd edition.[/B]

[B]I changed over to another computer P-4,1.6 gig with win XP pro and only got on at 7200, 9600, and 14400. So I went back to 98 even though it is not supported any more.[/B]

[B]I just bought a new lap top dual pent. with Vista home prem. on it and told the salesman I would bring it back if I couldn’t get on the net as good as my 98. It does. Vista, I’m sure, is more bogged down than XP,[/B]
[B]so maybe there is something wrong with the modem on the XP computer.[/B]
[B]Anyway The new laptop has 802 wireless lan so lookout,[/B]
[B]Starbucks, the library, Barnes & Noble and everyone else.[/B]
[B]No more of these 6 or 8 hour down loads, or all night.[/B]

I guess I could move but I live on a farm that has been in our family 128 years,
so I feel like I"m almost stuck here.

Maybe by the time my Kids take over they can get faster service.

[B]As many people belong to this forum, I was hoping someone could[/B]
[B]help me out about recommending an accelerator for dial up.[/B]
[B]I guess the rest of youall live near civilization.LOL[/B]

[B]It’s not that I live in such a remote area, but that there is not enough people out here for AT&T to make a pile of money on.[/B]

[B]Big Jake[/B]

yeah a friend of mine was in the same boat but he got the sat service and yes it costs to much but he had to have it…

Also with your lappy you might check into “Sidejacking” if you plan on going to those places a lot.

Big Jake;Overall accelarators are pretty useless for dial-up.Especially with a long loop like yours must be.You see a phone line is for voice & thats the part of the line frequency dial-up uses.The phone company is a lot more concerned with voice quality that data speed at this frequency.
So every 3000 to 5000 feet they put a load coil & around 10 miles a range extender.These help voice quality but really kill data speed.
There are some system tweaks I could give you but they would probably only help in a minor way.Sometimes you would even need to change back from them because not all are compatable with every ISP.
It might be a lot of work for a few extra kbs.
Then if you hit 28kbs modems on your ISP server that will be your max speed.
With Vista there are even less you can do because the stack is automatic.Still there are a few settings.