Hello everyone! I am new, and i need help with Clone CD! Please help!

Hello everyone, I have been waiting to get a burner and have finally gotten one. I am basically new to this and need help on how to use Clone CD 4. I know its really simple ( 4 big buttons with pictures! and the help thing) but i just want to make sure i am doing the right stuff. I am not computer illiterate, so i am not a complete idiot :smiley: ! Ok, i bought a external Polaroid Burner BurnMAX40EX 40x12x48. Its a new model, because i have never seen it in any stores and just saw it very recently. Its not on the Clone CD list, but it seems to work fine. I checked the Clone CD log and it says Read SubChannel Data: Yes, and it doesn’t give an error later on saying No, so i guess it can read subchannel data. Ok, now
I wanted to know, when burning a game, i go to read image button, then i select the reader, and so on, then when i come to the profiles window, do i choose CloneyXXL if i use it, yes right :confused: ? Then i go to burn adter a few windows right? Ok, then after that, i go to write image to cd button and follow the directions, then do i choose CloneyXXl profile if i used it to start Clone CD with setting to write too, or do i only use it to read? Then i click copy and then i am done, and i should have a working backup, right? And oh yeah, do i need to copy anything else after i copied all of the 4 files (image, sub and whatever :confused: ) ?? Thanks for helping, and sorry for the long message :slight_smile: !


You’ve basically parroted the Help File steps! No offence :slight_smile:

If you can, don’t bother with Clony, just use the default game profiles and go from there. If you hit a problem with the defaults, post your question providing as many details as possible. The FAQ is also a good start point

Thanks, but aren’t new games these days covered with security? What should i do in case there is security and i don’t have enough time to post and wait for a reply (not be rude)? I think i will have to use cloney then. If so, should i just choose the cloney as my profile option?
And of yeah, i did read the tutorial thing (manual) for CloneCD and it didn’t say one thing about how to use CloneyXXl with CloneCD 4. So all i am asking is, how do i use Clone CD with Cloneyxxl ?

As FutureProof suggested the default Game Profile will handle most of your needs. This Profile will handle most copy-protection used nowadays and if the Game Profile doesn’t work then a ClonyXXL will probably also fail. There’s no mentioning of ClonyXXL in the CloneCD help file since CloneCD has nothing to do with ClonyXXL. Clony was handy with CloneCD version 3 where you still had to enable and disable many settings manually but with CloneCD 4 the use of ClonyXXL isn’t needed anymore. You can still use ClonyXXL to determine the used copy-protection of the disc and then use of of our custom Profiles (see my signature for a link) to read and write the disc.