Hello Everybody,Glad to be with You

I dont know is this the right place for such questions,but I will be VERY thankfull to anybody who can point me to the right direction.
Thank You in advance,receive my sincere good wishes from Prague,and please dont hesitate to wright, its igrof@volny.cz,or igrofde@gmail.com…And Happy New Year!!!

PS Now I saw that it is maybe not clear what my problem is-I got a DVD,but,unfortunately,without the subtitles my wife need to unnderstand the movie-I would gladly translate it myself,but I miss the knnoledge-how to add one more subtitle on DVD-if anyone can help,please write…Thanks again,
Your igrof.

Hello, rip that DVD to your hard drive, then make/translate subtitles (in srt, sub or txt format) and add them to the original movie and burn them - very good program for this is VSO ConvertXtoDVD.