Hello ! DVD On PC?

:slight_smile: Hi there! If I download a 4.38 g movie (from a friend who has SOLD it to me) can I play this on my pc without a dvd player ? I usually download 700mb movies up to 1.5g these can be played with real player or win media player and so on… in avi or mpeg but 4.38? does this mean it is a much better quality? I need to know if I can play a dvd that I download. Why would I need A dvd player since the file is allready on my hard drive? I guess I would need a program that reads dvd’s right??? something other than my usual windows media player or real player I guess PLEASE i need to understand this!Thanx… DAve :wink:

Ehrm, seen the forum rules recently? I would read them again if I were you. :bigsmile:

Don’t know what kind of movie you are talking about, but downloading from a friend whom you paid does not necessarily make it a legal download. If it is a home created movie and not a copyrighted movie (the copyright belongs to your friend), it is a legitimate download.

Assuming it is a legitimate download (leap of faith), it depends on what the format of the downloaded movie is. You might try to open the folder through a software DVD player such as PowerDVD of WinDVD. If that doesn’t work, try burning it with, for example, Nero as an image (select image recorder, instead of an actual burning device).

The image can then be mounted in a virtual DVD player (e.g. Nero ImageDrive). That way you should be able to load it into any software DVD player.

However, if this is an illegal download and my assumption is incorrect, you have wasted my precious time and broken forum rules…then I expect at least 50 USD in our paypal account and a public apology :wink: