Hello / DVD and Nero Linux

Hello, I am new here so be gentle… :wink:

I was directed here by the Nero Linux site as I needed some support regarding that. I have the downloaded trial version and am trying to get it to work with Red Hat Enterprise 3/4 and a standard HP PC box. The drive I have is a Sony external USD DRX800LL.

I cannot seem to locate or am failing to understand whether this Nero Linux will make a complete ISO disk copy of my whole hard drive? If so, can it also be bootable? Lastly, please offer any clues, hints, links etc. of the above are possible.

Thanks in Advance.

I believe you will have better luck getting answers from this forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=104

To make an ISO of your hard drive and be bootable, you should probably use an app designed for that purpose like Norton Ghost.

Thanks. Is Norton Ghost available in a Linux product or do people simply make the Windows version work somehow?

Ghost is a Windows/DOS product. You can boot directly from a floppy or CD and make an image of your hard drive. No installation required.

Just using the Windows boot capability of the Ghost boot disk to reload the Linux image. Sounds like just what I need. That easy?