Hello! does anyone knows the real Kazaa?

hey do help me if u REALLY know the inside out of Kazaa…wanna installit on my PC but have heard a lot about something sneaky linked with it…:eek:

KaZaA is using a network called the FastTrack network, you should see this as a network of computers running software to connect to his network, just like you use Internet Explorer to connect to website (like this one).

But the thing is, the FastTrack network can be browsed by several clients, one of them is KaZaA, but this software is known for it’s spy and adware, this is software to deliver ads to you while using the software, but it might also log what you are doing, something you might not like.

The solution for this is KaZaA Lite, this is a hacked version of KaZaA where they removed the spyware from, another option and that’s what I’m using is Grokster (http://www.grokster.com), be sure to read the install instruction carefully and do not install Gator and other ‘enhancements’ (they are mostly spyware) and disable as many option that could be used to spam and/or track you and you will be totally safe !

Good luck…

Also make sure your antivirus is up to date !!!
Always scan your files from kazaa before installation :rolleyes:

Go here for KaZaALite:http://www.kazaalite.tk/

And DONT download and run anything that has .VBS extension on the end of it.

I think the
http://k-lite.tk site is still up.

Kazaalite is the way to go. 1.6.1 is the newest version of KLite, while 1.7 is the new Kazaa. You can take all the spyware out of it, but KLite has already done it for you.

PS: If you run Adaware after installing Kazaalite, do not delete the cd.clint.dll file. Its a dummy that allows Kazaalite to run.

kazaa = bad

of course, i cant post what i think is good, because advocating stealing is just plain wrong coughdccough oh well

People are always whining about kazaa addware but i think most of other freewares come bundled with some kind of addware too. With Kazaa at least u know about it.:confused:

but kazaa’s does dirty things. i believe its classified as scumware? pastes IE links over text that is sold. pretty shitty.

Kazza is a very tricky program with all those spyware - adware that come with it.

Try using WinMX for better or Audiogalaxy for mp3’s.