Hello! Battle for Middle Earth II problems from returning Newbie




I was last here a year or so ago when I learnt about the latest CD / DVD protections and how to get around them to back up AOM for use on 2 PCs

Now … I’ve bought Battle for Middle Earth II for my son for Christmas and built a new gaming PC and I can’t even get the game to install from the original DVD. I strongly suspect that some OTT protection is to blame, as the packaging warns that it will not work on all drives.
The fault seems to involve the inability to copy one file from the DVD quite late in the process which then causes a “Retry / Abort?” … Retry doesn’t work, obviously.

The drive is an NEC / Optiarc 7173A - supposed to be a good one.

Can anybody help us please?


Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, v.2055 (Build 2600)

System Memory 2048.5 256.0

Processor Speed 2211.5 1600 Mhz (1.6 GHz)

DirectX Version 9.0b 9.0c

Display Device NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

Display Memory 256.0 64.0

Display Driver

Sound Device Realtek HD Audio output

Sound Driver