Hello and wondered if anyone knows?



Hi there,

I have a Ricoh RW5240 Burner DVD+R / RW
burns at 4X, If i got 8X DVD+R disk would they burn ?
I realise it would be at 4X if at all.

Firmware is the latest i believe

Thanks and Great site !



yes, they will burn fine. don’t know much about your drive, but you could possibly find a hacked firmware that will allow you to burn them at 8X.


Thank you for that, I will get some and try and post the results here.





Welcome to the forums-

Suggest that you purchase good quality media such as Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell - you’ll be glad that you did-



Thanks Mike,

I have used “Laser” a few coasters “Imation” all good and “Ricoh” all 4x

Cheers Win


curious - your burner’s max speed is 4X. why buy, and pay more $$$, for 8X media ?


local shop is having a special on Ritek 8X, cheaper than 4X :slight_smile:
thats only reason

Cheers Win


oh, cool