Hello and Help Needed with Toshiba SD-R6012



Hello everyone. I just heard of this site yesterday, and am already learning quite a lot of stuff I didn’t know…
I have a problem I’d appreciate your advice about…
I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV27 laptop which came with a Toshiba SD-R6012 combo DVD-R/RW & CDRW drive. It was working fine until 2 days ago, when after a massive ripping session of my audio CDs. Now it no longer recognizes CDs, either Audio, Data filled, or blank CDRs. However, the DVD reading and recording is working…

I think I need to replace it with another drive, as I think its a hardware failure issue. (Please correct me if wrong, or give me alternate ideas to test it out.) I saw a Toshiba SD-R6472 advertised… I’m trying to figure out if that would work in my comp and what I need to do to switch it out…

I realize there are some Stickies dealing with the above issues… I’ve searched through some of them and other posts regarding the same model cd (6012) but not thoroughly… yet… please let me know if you can help…
Thanks and looking forward to learning more about the CD/DVD RW world…


first thing i would try is uninstalling the drive via device manager. restart and let Windows reinstall it. try a CD. also try a firmware update. get latest from Toshiba or http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=14&manufactor=31
consider also a Sony slim type/notebook dvd drive if you end up havivg to replace it. also, notebooks are VERY tricky to work on. you might want to take it to the experts


Thanks for the quick reply Ghoster!

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drive via device mgr… no luck reading cds… initially the drive LED flashes… then becomes solid…

I’m looking for the firmware update on Toshiba’s site:
Let me know if this is the right one… I’ve never updated firmware b4, so I plan on reading a bit more b4 doing it… so if you have any tips that’d be great.

In the Drive properties, it says it’s running firmware IS34

I don’t get it in relation to the above link from toshiba…



hmm, according to http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=14&manufactor=31

firmware 1M34 is latest. odd, being that S comes after M…

you can only try it and see. should be just an exe flash updater. get the other firmwares too…so you can reflash if needed


Did you find out what was wrong?

I am having almost the same problem with my SD-R6012 in my Toshiba 5205 S703 laptop.

My drive does not think there is a CD in the drive, althought the Device Manager says that the drive is working OK. I had the same problem before and uninstalled several of the media players that I had and re-installed them and ( I do not remember since it was about 6 months ago -maybe uninstalled the drive and reinstalled it) and was able to use the drive. Do not use the drive much and when I tried to listen to a CD that I got for Christmas it and other CD’s were not recognized and did not show up on the my computer screen.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry, Bill I haven’t resolved my issues yet. (Been slacking on that particular project.) Is your drive a combo, or just cd?

I have tried the firmware update provided by toshiba/sony and was informed I didn’t need to update.

I’ve cleaned all my important data, and I’m gonna try and wipe it all clean and start over if possible, and see if something magic will happen.


I also have the SD-R6012 I think it’s a crappy burner and reader, don’t have a solution for your problem.